Monday, November 10

Keeps getting better ...

Well the sun is out. I really want to be in Bondi and Gusto drinking a coffee and reading.

I bought five books over the weekend and I have started reading three of them. I am not sure which I like better.

Addition, Red Dress Walking or Vocational Girl. They are all so different yet they are about women.

Addition is about a girl who is obsessed with counting and when she meets Seamus she starts realising that he means more than brushing her teeth ten times each or waking up at a certain time. She counts the poppy seeds into her orange cake and this is how many bites she has to have. But Seamus changes all of that for her ... because he doesn't care about the counting. I like this book and I am halfway through it.

Red Dress Walking is about a relationship between two extremely different people. I liked the sound of it on the blurb and I just started reading the prologue on the train this morning. I picked it because the girl, Emily, loves books and reading.

And Vocational Girl is about an extremely intelligent philosophy student who is a receptionist who offers hotel clients a bit on the side. I am about 10 pages in and while I do find it interesting, I find the writing style a bit too pretentious, a bit too sneering and it makes references to her intellect. I also don't like the man she has just met.

So three books about three very different women. I also bought a New Scientist book and I haven't started the last one I bought, it's in the kitchen.

It's a gorgeous day out, I don't want to be at work quite frankly. I'd love to be in the sun somewhere ... reading and people watching.

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  1. Hi,
    I found my way here from Mamamia. I just finished reading Addition quite recently, and I loved it! I thought the character could so easily have become annoying or caricatured, because of the subject matter, but it was so well-written that I was 100% on Grace's side and found her to be a really interesting character. I thought it was fantastic.

    Laura xx