Friday, November 14

Closing down slowly ...

It's been 5 days with no sleep ( I mean a few hours sleep here and there) but I honestly feel like I am going to crash.

Some good has come out of this though:

- I've increased my vitamin intake, I've started taking stress tablets and tablets to build up my immunity just in case.

- I've scrubbed myself with exfoliating washes in the bath when I've come home from work.

- I've changed the bed sheets so I sleep in a nice clean bed.

- I've eaten sushi and salads and no junk food - just in case.

I stopped into one of my favourite book shops yesterday when I went out to buy a healthy lunch. I am so tired that eating is keeping me half awake at least.

I bought a copy of forgive Me by
Amanda Eyre Ward which is a fictitious book about an American journalist who falls in love with South Africa., She even includes historical events in the book although she got an important date wrong. Nelson Mandela was inaugurated in 1994, not 1992 - whoops that was a bit of a big error Amanda.

Anyway I love reading about Cape Town. Amanda went there with her sister to research the book, she did do a lot of research and combined it really interestingly in her book. I love reading about South African history and Cape Town even in a light fictitious form. I miss it.

And I realise that I should be reading more about South Africa, not just the news and one or two blogs but books by and about the people who live there. I'll have to start ordering books off the net directly from South Africa.

So although I am closing down slowly and am about to go get a healthy salad and some fish for lunch ...being completely wiped out, swamped at work, half asleep and physically drained is not as bad as I thought.

I do need a really deep sleep though. Bring on the weekend.

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