Tuesday, November 18

Days go by ...

Really quickly.

I am not sure if I am working too much or if everything is getting blurred or if weekends are far too short, but things are going by so fast.

If you've been reading this blog post since the beginning, which is over 3 years now, I have always been aiming to make changes in my life. Reading back I can see that in a few years I have evolved and grown in some ways but in other ways I am still so settled.

I have always emphasised that I need to get out more, exercise more and find worth in my life but then months and in my case years later ... I have still not given myself the huge push I need.

I did join a gym. And I haven't gone to it. I have looked at eating healthier. And then I get home late from work and I just crash.

I make excuses. That I am tired or busy or stressed and then another few months go by. I am a Type I diabetic and my health should be important to me. I should be exercising and eating well because I need to. The insulin I inject into my body keeps me alive and it is a hard thing for people to appreciate. I look normal. I look healthy.

But I'm not. I am not in good shape. I am not eating as well as I could be although in the last two years I have come a long way. I started eating healthier, I started eating well. I eat fruit and vegetables. I watch what I eat. I love spinach, cheeses, veggies and superfoods. I take vitamins and supplements. I drink water. I love berries. I am very proud of how far I have come and how hard it was.

Now I am looking at my health. My legs are scratched and because I am diabetic, healing takes much longer. When I am sick, I am sick for longer. My body can't cope with stress or infections.

So what do I need to do? Well work less hours for one. Get home at a reasonable time. I need to make room for my health. I need to stop letting life, work, stress take over because frankly I am not appreciating living in Sydney. I am not going to the beach. Or going out as often or taking time, me time or friends time or family time.

I've always struggled with work/life balance and I am wondering. How do you do it? How do you fit it all in. How do you feel like you are balanced, that your life is healthy that you are doing and living a worthy life.

All answers will be most welcome.

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