Tuesday, October 7

To do ...

Things to do now that it is Spring :

1) exercise - gym (not a good idea - the membership fees are too high) so walks and Wii and cutting down on junk food should help

2) gardening - yes I am actually gardening, I have strawberry and tomato seeds freshly planted in the rain yesterday.
I am also trying to save one of my bougainvillea plants by sprinkling them with plant food. If that works (fingers crossed - it's a gorgeous orange)

3) um get some sun, that means stopping when I buy lunch and actually getting 10 minutes or so.

4) get out more. I mean really.
Walk, have brunches, go to the beach early mornings on weekends. I think it is healthy

That's my list so far. The rest I've been trying to balance for years. Life, work, me time, friends, family. I succeed occasionally.

It was a long, rainy, wet weekend. I did house stuff and garden stuff and went out for brekky when it stopped. I cleaned a bit and gardened and ate loads but also thought a lot about making changes (and sticking to them)

I also read a chick lit book in one day which was cute. It was about a woman who became pregnant when young and didn't get past it 8 years later. She had to raise a little girl and work until she realised she was just pottering along, just existing not really living and not really moving forward. I really think I'm just pottering along and existing.


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