Friday, October 10

marketing pays off

Since I started at work in March, I have been marketing the business endlessly.

I write blog pots, I Tweet several times a day, we opened a Facebook page, a My Space page, I read all read all the book news, I make 'friends' with other bloggers, I try and remain as authentic as I possibly can without getting personal.

I talk about books, about great sites, I blog about things which interest me and hopefully interest their readers, I search for eclectic information, I find people who love to write, who bring something new to the book world.

I maintain the free sites and update, upload and follow through. It''s a lot of work and a lot of fun. I feel that I am more informed than ever before and I am completely in love with Web 2.0, I find this all so rewarding and I got the hang of social networking.

I love blogging and never cease to find something interesting to blog about - books are a passion of mine and I love how authors are becoming accessible of Facebook, on My Space, on Twitter ...
it is all so rewarding.

Yesterday my work blog was announced as one of Australia's best business blogs, we're number 13 in the list my lucky number. I am so glad because I feel that my work, my love of networking, marketing and resourcing information has paid off and I am beaming.

Australia's best business blogs
- it's wonderful!

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