Sunday, October 5

Long weekend

I planned to spend all of it outside in the sun, perhaps exercising and eating salads but the rain has other ideas!
So yesterday after I went shopping for random things like oil lamps for the courtyard and a bathroom scale, I stayed in and watched Pan's Labyrinth and loved it. It was creepy, fascinating and had two storylines and a really evil Captain. This was good, intriguing, quite brilliant in fact.
And extremely sad.
Then I spent the night watching DVDs, listening to the rain, eating snacks and feeding cat number 2 who spends a lot of time in our courtyard. She is black with golden eyes and I call her saskia. Hemingway hates her but she doesn't seem to be bothered by him at all. She even let me closer to her and to touch her with my finger. I've been feeding both of them outside at opposite ends of the courtyard.
Exciting eh?
Its still raining.I am enjoying being extremely unhealthy and boring. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow and I'll go for a drive somewhere and get some sun.
In the meantime I have some things I want to buy on the net and may as well do a bit of cleaning.

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