Monday, October 13


I'm sick again! That's the third time this season and I spent a day and a half in bed, sneezing what felt like every ten minutes, blowing my nose and sniffing.
Most attractive.

While in bed I read The Scandal of The Season which is a fictional account of a scandal in 1711 regarding an affair between Lord Petre and Arabella Fermor.

Alexander Pope who was part of the circle and knew about the love affair which he penned about in The Rape of the Lock and made the lead character Belinda who became even more well known than Arabella.

The weird thing is the book could have been really good but there were far too many long, mundane paragraphs and details that read more chick lit than historical novel.
I think it was well detailed and very well researched but it lacked something.

I read The Other Boleyn Girl and couldn't put it down, where this book which really was about a scandalous affair between two really well bred people in a time where women are not mistresses, they don't kiss never mind have sex and this book could have gone into the scandal more.

It was good but very scandal lite. In fact it just didn't have any zest or intrigue and it could have. This must have been quite a story in those times. I've never read The Rape of the Lock but have heard it's a brilliant satire and accounted all the details of the affair. Or rather implied them.

I spent a lot of time with my cat Hemingway this weekend which thrilled him and I also spent a lot of time listening to my bird Molly Blue trying to play with two evil looking birds who looked like they wanted to eat her. She is still so little and these birds were banging on the window!

So now I am at work sniffling away, answering emails and starting on the blog posts and newsletters. I have taken a antihistamine and I feel a little bit off in la la land (nice place but kind of dreamy)

I'm re reading Adrian Mole's The Cappuccino Years which are really my favourite books to cheer you up. They are extremely funny, all about modern Britain and Adrian's diaries make me laugh. Really laugh. He has an extremely complex life ... so much happens.

In fact for a rather dismal boring sounding sort of guy, he always seems to have the most dramatic family life not to mention love life. I feel really boring in comparison and all his books are just really entertaining.

If you have a cold or whatever it is that I have had over the weekend - these are the books to read.

So now I am at work. I have emails to attend to, a newsletter to dream up, blog posts to write, people to enrol, and have to answer enquiries and resource book information.
I want to Tweet about book news and find something interesting to write about. I am liaising with a women for competitions and have some things I need to edit. I am multi tasking and sleeping and getting work done ....

What do you all have to do at work this week?

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  1. Sending you waves of empathic well-wishes. The baby and I are sick, too. Not quite Stay In Bed With A Good Book sick, but Wishing I Had An Excuse To Crawl Into Bed sick. Then again, I'm a mommy with a one year old, so daytime sleeps are rare.