Monday, October 27

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Tell Me About Yourself - The Survey

Name:: Elana
Birthday:: 13 February
Birthplace:: Johannesburg
Current Location:: Sydney
Eye Color:: Blue
Hair Color:: reddish
Height:: 5 foot something
Right Handed Or Left Handed:: right handed
Your Heritage:: European/Eastern European
The Shoes You Wore Today:: sneakers
Your Weakness:: chocolate
Your Fears:: cockroaches, needles
Your Perfect Pizza:: spinach, egg, boccoccinni, chilli tomato jam, artichokes
Goals You Would Like To Achieve This Year:: new job, savings, weekend get away
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger:: lol
Thoughts First Waking Up:: Hemmy wants his food ... it's a giveaway he tries to eat my eyelashes and purrs at 5am
Your Best Physical Feature:: blue eyes
Your Bedtime:: sometimes 1am, most times 9pm
Your Most Missed Memory:: street kids, some are nightmares and others smile at me and I am hooked. I miss waving to babies, trying on bracelets
Pepsi Or Coke:: coke zero
McDonalds Or Burger King:: neither
Single Or Group Dates:: neither, dinner and lunches with friends
Lipton Ice Tea Or Nestea:: Lipton ice tea
Chocolate Or Vanilla:: chocolate or coffee
Cappucino Or Coffee:: skim flat white
Do You Smoke:: yes after work
Do You Swear:: yes all the time in the car
Do You Sing:: have to be in the mood
Do You Shower Daily:: yes, prefer baths at night
Have You Been In Love:: once or twice
Do You Want To Go To College:: I hated university
Do You Want To Get Married:: absolutely
Do You Believe In Yourself:: more often than not
Do You Get Motion Sickness:: no - I love reading in cars
Do You Think You Are Attractive:: sometimes, often I am not sure
Are You A Health Freak:: not at all although I am trying to eat healthier
Do You Get Along With Your Parents:: sometimes
Do You Like Thunderstorms:: yes love them
Do You Play An Instrument:: nope
In The Past Month Have You Drank Alcohol:: yes, a few Vodka cruisers
In The Past Month Have You Smoked:: yes
In The Past Month Have You Been On Drugs:: no
In The Past Month Have You Gone On A Date:: no
In The Past Month Have You Gone To The Mall:: Yes, to get books from Borders
In The Past Month Have You Eaten A Box Of Oreos:: not a box, I have eaten a LOT this month though
In The Past Month Have You Eaten Sushi:: yes I love sashimi and sushi
In The Past Month Have You Been On Stage:: no
In The Past Month Have You Been Dumped:: no
In The Past Month Have You Gone Skinny Dipping:: no
In The Past Month Have You Stolen Anything:: no
Ever Been Drunk:: yes
Ever Been Called A Tease:: no
Ever Been Beaten Up:: no
Ever Shoplifted:: no
How Do You Want To Die:: I want to die in bed all clean, all my things packed up and ready, my will arranged, my flat spotless, I want to die peacefully in my sleep and not have anyone sorting any of
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up:: I am grown up, I do want to write a book, give a year's salary to charity, volunteer in a wildlife reserve, have a child
What Country Would You Most Like To Visit:: Mongolia, Croatia, Spain

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