Monday, October 27

on love

Click the link if you haven't already and read all about a lion called Christian who remembered his two owners who bought him from Harrods in London.

Watch the You Tube video and buy the book because this is about love that transcends time. This lion is enormous and he gently plants his paws on one of his ex owners' shoulders years later.
It made people cry and it made me think that love is love. I blogged rather enthusiastically about this.

I am at work now, looking at the local news, I've just finished editing and uploading a work blog post about Sherry Jones and her book The Jewel of Medina which is historical fiction. That means it is based on history or fact but also has fictitious elements. These are the kind of books I enjoy reading because you can look up the facts and the history afterwards.

It's far better that reading a giant text book.

I also think that it is a good way to learn, by making this historical fiction it will probably reach people who wouldn't read about Aisha and Islam.

Speaking of love and reading, I bought three non fiction books over the weekend about Ausperger's, death and I can't remember the third one so I could do my own learning. I also tried to get as much sun as possible and had a fantastic lunch at a beach hotel in the sun yesterday, so it was a great day. I had lamb rump with kipfler potatoes, spinach and chilli tomato jam - it was deliciously perfect. I had lunch chops later for dinner with salt and lemon and an Asian crunchy salad - it was just a beautiful Sunday.

I have already read half of Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek, once again I am on a theme about love, loss of love and starting again. I really like books about people who learn and grow and Susan is such a great writer. I am really enjoying this book and will review it when i have finished.

I also chopped the palm trees away in my courtyard so I could get sun in and I am thinking about taking two or three out and replacing them with frangiapinis so it will smell of perfume in the spring/summer.

Right now the courtyard looks a bit hacked which I plan to neaten up after work. I'm really enjoying having plants and a courtyard.
I also can't wait to replant some trees and change the look and feel of the courtyard. I had breakfast in the sun this morning - it was a great start.

So here I am at work, doing admin again, which bores me.

I am looking at book news, writing blog posts and I have the newsletter to do so at least that is a bit of a challenge. I have a lot to do seeing that it is Monday and all, the sun is out, I'm feeling good.

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  1. I usually love books, but I thought that My Sister's Keeper was so awfully contrived that it made me sick. I came close to throwing the book across the room at times, but at the same time, it was alluring, in the same way a train wreck might be.