Monday, September 1


It's Spring! It's the 1st September and the sun is shining. I am so glad because I want to drink water, eat fruit, live on ice cream (well diet yoghurt ones or sugar free ones for the most part) smell of sun screen, wear huge sunnies which make me look like a fly, wear thongs and singlets, buy bikinis and chick lit and sit all Sunday near or at or even on beaches and just people watch. And eat.

And you know just get a healthy bright red, have to cover myself in hats and sunscreen (I burn within 10 seconds of sitting in the sun) and drink cocktails.

I love Spring because it's cool enough and I love summer in Sydney because it's busy and happy and there is an excuse to drink cocktails every night in celebration of the season.

Even when I get off work lateish and get home even later, I will still have time to head to the Bondi grass and people watch and join my friends.

I'm thrilled. I have to buy sunscreen ...

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