Wednesday, September 3


It's been a cat week this week. I'm feeding my sister's cats while she is away and getting to their house really late. I'm also watching the entire DVD set of Big Cat Diary and I am really enjoying watching Bella the leopard and her two cubs - I thinks leopards are incredible. They're lithe and cunning and graceful and have incredible eyes. The cubs are so cute and there is also a cheetah Kike who keeps jumping up on top of Jonathan Scott's 4 wheel drive (or whatever it is)
This programme is amazing and last night I watched about 4 episodes of cats running and killing, playing and hunting and losing their prey a few times . I watched how much the presenters love their work, love watching and learning about these cats and how the cats themselves didn't seem to be bothered at all by how close the presenters get. Jonathan Scott sketches them lying on a rock in their full view and the cheetahs were not bothered by his presence a bit.
After I went to bed Hemingway my cat was making terrible noises. There was a lot of dragging and under growling sounds,. Eventually I got up and he was dragging a huge leaf by its stalk.
After I lot of clanking and running (Hemingway must have watched Big Cat Diary as well)
I woke up to my first dead mouse nicely laid in the spot I sit in when I get home from work. (eww and sad)
Hemingway the Hunter (perhaps my first book?)

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