Tuesday, August 26

Marketing ...

I love that I can do marketing on the Internet - for free really.

I love that there is Twitter for 3 or 4 updates a day during work, and Facebook where I can contact and find authors and it's a relatively 'safe' site.

Now I am looking at my space and PR blogs and social networking sites because there is seriously so much out there. It's really a matter of choosing, seeing what works and doesn't work and building up a name. For the business, getting the business out there which is so hard yet so easy.

In terms of my personal blogging I have Twitter and updates, Facebook and networking, my space for developing networking contacts & friendships (in a creative, business sense). Then I join every book site I can get my hands on and then I find things I love like fashion, coffee, cats, reading, Sydney and I join those as well.

I also take care to respond to sites and blogs I think are good, I respond to news items and I try my hardest to keep a distance. I don't tell people about my personal life and over the years I think my decision not to air all has been good - mind you - where are my followers??? hmmm

I've learnt from having a business and working for someone else that a lot of business is about authenticity. I love marketing and networking but I am not a fan of selling or pushing unless I truly believe it's really really good. I love books, publishing, new ideas, finding great sites and I will find authors I love, great sites, things to blog and review. It's been fun doing all this for work, yet it takes time and sadly I wish but I don't have all day to just purely do marketing.

It's a bit of a mix of personal and professional gain in between cleaning and doing admin... actually having to squeeze it all in.

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