Monday, August 25

Constantly learning

I watched this little video where some famous actors writers and politicians talk about what they have learnt or experienced and I think (actually constantly think)
What am I going to achieve in this life? What am I going to leave behind?

What am I going to be remembered for? Please don't think I mean that I want some kind of celebrity fame and loads of money - I want to feel that I have done something worthwhile.
It might have something to do with the fact that I have always been fortunate - I am well educated, white, have a roof over my head, have always had love, access to medicine, schools, shops, anything I ever have wanted and support.
I watch the news, read about poverty, read blogs about cultures and countries and struggles and loss and death and hatred and think that each person can make a difference - it's just that I need to work out what I will do.

I want to give something to the world, I want to make my life worthwhile. I want to learn and experience. I want to feel that my time on earth hasn't been just existing and earning a salary and doing the conventional normal stuff. I don't want to waste my life or days or give up on being happy and giving back.
I want to work with AIDS children, I want a job I love, a life worth living, I want some sort of meaning and give something back.
I think that great people have learnt that it is the small things that make you extraordinary that make life extraordinary and I will strive for this. I am thinking of volunteering, finding some meaning in my own life so I can pay it forward and possibly some kind of salary sacrifice.

I love what Chinua Achebe says in this video "Who I am and what I need are things I have to find out for myself."
All I am certain of is that one day when I look back on my life, I would have made myself proud.

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