Thursday, August 21

Cape Town

I spend a lot of time thinking of South Africa and Cape Town in particular.
South Africa is my 'home', my motherland.
Cape Town has my heart, I cry every time I leave and cry whenever I see it again. This city has everything that can make anyone feel alive, loved, warm and satiated. But it's great for holidays but couldn't live in South Africa anymore - I saw too many things that scared me and I blame the government for lack of leadership and not confronting the AIDS epidemic and doing something about it. To be honest I'd move back there in a nanosecond if crime decreased and if the government started dealing with AIDS.
According to statistics 7 in 10 women are HIV positive, 1 in 3 babies die and on average 875 people in South Africa die A DAY.
I sit here and I moan and I complain about work and whatever and 875 people die a day. It is sickening, it is beyond sickening. I'm thinking of things that I can relate to, imagine about 4 or 6 cinemas full of people or one level of a supermarket, a half a stadium, I'm thinking of four trains full ... I'm thinking of the impact of this, the loss, the sheer waste of lives. Waste, I mean 1 in 3 babies who are HIV positive are dying. If I go out with 10 friends for lunch, 7 of them are HIV positive. And some of these women and children do not have access to MRT or hospitals or proper food or care. Mothers die and their children are orphaned.
There is a solution, I really believe that there is. Condoms for one, free MRT and AIDS medications, some level of care either nurses, house visits or access to hospitals, educating constantly and consistently. And a leader who takes responsibility for abetting something like this. Thabo Mbeki actually finding a solution, getting medical interns in, getting condom companies involved, educating about AIDS, doing some sort of programme, making some tiny difference. I cannot bear the thought that I woke up and washed in a warm place, I had access to public transport, I am warm and clean and clothed and healthy and that while I was doing all of that and now at work ... frankly doing unimportant things like admin and customer service and finding blog posts ... 30 or 40 people have died in South Africa.
I cannot live in a place where babies get raped ( trust me they get raped) There is some stupid witch craft thing (myth) that if you have sex with someone without AIDS you either won't get it or you will no longer have AIDS. So what a brilliant idea, let me rape baby girls some of them 4-6 months old and little girls (of any age really) because they're guaranteed virgins - I can't think about this, it kills me and this is the reason I chose to leave South Africa - I cannot live in a country where people rape a child and get off the crime and people know the rapists who live in their villages and communities and are often family members.
I cannot live in a place where there is so much fear and crime and poverty and sheer lack of values.
Cape Town, I love you, South Africa I miss you (trust me everyday)

South Africa is a beautiful country with an enormous soul - I wish we could find a solution.

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