Monday, July 7

things to do in a fortnight

Right - this is ridiculous.
I have been so wrapped up with my new job and long hours I've let everything fall into the gutter. Although some people believe you can lie in the gutter and still see the stars, I have a list of things to do within a fortnight otherwise I will stagnate

They are not listed in order of importance but it is all the things that are driving me truly mad:

- change addresses of everything I haven't bothered to change
- meet friends for dinner and movie dates at least once a week
- see family and babysit - every week or so
- change all bills - I am not getting paid weekly anymore
- work out a budget
- buy poor Hemingway cat food in bulk - I swear THAT cat eats a fortune!
- grocery shop at least every 3 weeks - my fridge hasn't had milk and cheese in it for a while
- do book reviews to keep my name in the book world
- in fact support the book world - blogs, websites, discussions etc
- support AIDS charities - because I believe that there are bigger and more important things than focusing on my mundane existence
- read the newspapers more - I've got out of the habit and am feeling ignorant - it's too important to me to not take interest in the world and what is going on
- exercise - my poor Wii is being neglected but I am also thinking about getting into the habit of getting off a stop earlier to and from station in mornings
-and it's nearly spring
-and I am sitting down at work all day
-and my brain is stagnating
-and work is taking over my life
-so it's newspapers
- friends
-my niece
- pay more attention to my poor bird
- and cat
- flat gets tidied once a week, usually on Sats or Sundays - so that is good and seems to be working
- I've been drinking water, taking vitamins and applying sunscreen - I got on an anti ageing thing and I seem to have made it a habit - very proud off that!
- eat more colours apparently blueberries have the most antioxidants, but for the next fortnight I am going to make reds, greens, blues, and yellows a habit in food - I really want to be slim this spring
- but the most important, my friends, family, health and life outside of work

so... work stays behind , while I concentrate on balancing life. Any suggestions?

What a terrible list! Here is a shortened version:

- friends once a week dinner/movies/visits
- family once a week dinner/babysit
- pets - love and feed
- exercise - as often as I can from now on
- newspapers - online and buy for the train
- charities - all AIDS I think I am going to buy (RED) products and support Mandela's charities
- work - stays at work
- health sunscreen, water, walks, colourful foods
- flat, clean, groceries, change addresses,

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