Tuesday, June 24

all work and very little play

I feel like I have been working hours and hours and hours and hours, then I go home, sleep, eat and get up and do it all over again.

While I love having a full time job, the hours are extremely long and I feel like I am missing out on a few things.
I don't exercise, I don't spend much time awake at home, I am very tired and well I am very tired.

But I do feel like I am achieving things work wise which involves a lot of writing and research - there is also about 4/5 hours a day of data entry! I don't mind data entry ( really it's not too bad, a bit mindless but fairly easy and achievable) but it takes a lot of time.
I am constantly at my desk, don't take lunch and get home tired and cranky between 7 and 8pm.

So what needs to change?
Firstly my hours - I need shorter work days. I need to exercise, something I am always prattling on about but I use the excuse that I am tired and then I don't bother.
So I've been sitting down and thinking about what is important to me.
My pets, financial security, having a life outside work, having a job I love, seeing friends or family at least twice a week - just to get out the house and not stagnate and balance my weekends with walks, DVDs, lunches with friends, me time, not to mention cat and bird time. I want to see my niece more and to stop feeling bad about not fitting everything and everyone in!

My poor bird, she doesn't get to see me much!

So all this work and very little play has to change. I don't find a lot of satisfaction in 9.5 hours working days five days a week, with 40-50 minutes commute each way.
It makes me tired, I am not eating properly or exercising and I don't want to stagnate.

So tonight I am going to a movie after work - a change trust me! And MB my little blue budgie will be getting more attention from me. I have to consider who and what I love, my pets, my friends, my family and me time (reading, DVDs and walks) and find a way to not kill myself for a job.

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