Monday, July 14

Mondays eh?!

What is wrong with having a two day week and a five day weekend? Who came up with this?
I work between 40 and 45 hours a week.
And then I have to cram EVERYTHING into my weekends.
Like seeing my folks and sis and niece. Speaking to/seeing friends. Cleaning the flat - which takes ages. Shopping for food and I am still slowly decorating the flat which I really love. And spending time with my bird and cat.

And then I blink and it is Monday again! And looking back - two days is too short.
I am tired and cleaning on Sat, resting/shopping/something on Sun and I don't have time for haircuts or doctors appointments or the dentist or to organise my life because all that seems to happen on week days during business hours where I am at work.
Plus I am the laziest person so I'd love a few extra days to veg out or surf the net or write or gossip on the phone, eat out, shop, wander round garage sales or markets or just lie on the couch with a book and Hemingway (who has become a really nice cuddly cat and purrs all the time - we are completely in love with each other - he is the happiest cat since he moved and can go outdoors)
Why is a weekend not 5 days?!



  1. Well that was interesting a five day weekend wouldent that be fun think of all the fun things we could do
    Like visiting your friends showing off your new red tee shirts
    because you are giving to a charity .

  2. You only have 2 guesses to work out who this is (:>)