Wednesday, July 16


Ok Facebook doesn't really need any promotion from me. But let me just say this, since I owned my own business and started figuring out the concept of social marketing and networking I've found out this:
Facebook is a brilliant way to market, to make contacts, to contact people respectfully and to
(well in my case) to become a better marketer.
I am all for blogging for business, networking, marketing and making friends - because it has proven effective as a business tool. I have met so many people just by being open about what I do
and addressing social networking without my personal life coming into it one jot.
Okay I mention my niece, dinners, things I buy, friends, life in Sydney but I don't go into personal details, on this blog, on my work blog, on
Facebook and when I am networking or being social to 'friends' online.
I truly believe you can become the voice of something, you can blabber on about something, like me and my RED t-shirts without too much of your personal life coming into it.
Firstly I feel it's unfair to name friends and to talk about things that are personal and should stay that way and secondly as I have discovered, I can talk about life, books, AIDS, Sydney, my cat without crossing a personal boundary. I realise that people like Stephanie Klein blog about everything and tell everything - and still earn the respect and book deals. It's an individual thing, this way you know what is important to me, you know I have a life, a budgie, a cat, a job, friends and that I love Sydney.
But for me Facebook is important for business and networking, this blog is my voice and sanctuary from my personal life, my work blog is a business tool and frankly I love blogging for business.
I have learnt more about business, life and marketing from all you bloggers out there, from Facebook pages and groups, from company websites, from Forbes, from example, so thanks Facebook (and everyone who gets it!

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