Wednesday, July 23

hard at work

I'm hard at work, thinking of blog posts!
I've been looking into chick lit seeing that I love the genre so much and trying to work out/blog why I read it so much.
I think it is because most of the chick lit I enjoy focuses on relationships, whether they're starting out or having problems or indecisive or ambiguous - I can get fancy out! I've always been very into the psychology behind relationships.
I love how lad lit authors like my favourite Mike Gayle have characters in his books who cannot deal with commitment or cannot get over someone - I can relate.
And I love how in Marian Keyes books - there are family issues, relationship issue - deeper issues written in a way that speaks to me.
I know that most people and the media box chick lit into the fluff, light, beach category. Yes, i agree a lot of chick lit is about a stereotypical girl with a seemingly perfect life, great apartment, great friends, designer clothes and shoes whose life falls apart and by the end of the book, she has a better job, lover, shoes etc
Some books however deal with abuse, families falling apart, anorexia, death of a parent in a way that it's almost like a friend of yours telling you a story over a cup of coffee.
These books make me want to write. I want to write a book that people nod their heads over and find a connection, an answer or even a drop of understanding about an issue that does not personally effect them but they can empathise with.
So there is lad lit, bigger girl lit, single lit, mother lit, hen lit - all contemporary fiction which talk to us and our personal experiences with all sorts of issues.
I just want to read more and more of these!

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