Tuesday, July 29

end of July

It is freezing, wet and miserable most of the time now.
Luckily I have my wellies (or gumboots) and a few umbrellas (polka dot one, see through one, flower one) and some fingerless gloves, snow gloves, scarves, thick bed socks, and about 5 layers of clothes per day otherwise it would be even harder than it is to get out of bed.

Australia is for summer babies, my flat is open and freezing, my heater takes ages to warm up the place and I am constantly running round the flat screaming aaarrrgghhh when I get up because I am so cold. It must be good for the heart.
I hope.
Well work is still long, still hours of admin, still low salary BUT I am achieving things and hope it's a good experience if nothing else.
So I have authors, blogs, writing, ideas to do, admin, sorting out the training room and stuff I really don't like, loads of work ... really
But I hope, in fact I am sure this will get me even a better job and a better idea of what I am good at.

Come on summer.

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