Thursday, July 31

where there is love...

Never underestimate the true power of love, this lion remembered the men who raised him years after and even though he became a wild lion; still remembered and loved them.
If you ever (like me) have doubts about whether you are doing the right thing, because love is such a hard thing not to do, but it is to explain and give logic to, just remember that every living thing and everybody needs love.
As the Beatles sang Alll you need is love ... and it is plainly clear that love has no boundaries, reason, logic or even time whatsoever.


  1. Completely, completely agree!!!

  2. That's all very well for lions, but lions don't have to pay the mortgage! Love is a truly wonderful thing, but it's not the be all and end all - you can't settle for someone just because you love them, even though they are completely not right for you or your life. It's easy to love someone who may ultimately be completely wrong for you and ruin your life - the hard part is holding out for the person you truly love who will love you as much, and enhance and enrich your life too.