Tuesday, June 10

Longer week

After a long weekend, it seems like a longer week!

I have spent most of this morning answering emails from Saturday, Sunday and Monday - it has taken me all morning! I am already tired!

I spent the long weekend with 16 people in a house in Leura - it was beautiful! And cold! And a bit pricey. There was lots of eating and sleeping and gossipping involved and it was a really really nice cold break with some fantastic people.

On the way home I saw a sign 'Baby Budgies $10' and ended up with a month old baby budgie. She is blue with black, white and grey wings. She is tiny and can't fly yet, her wing feathers haven't fully grown yet!
I've named her MB for Molly Blue.
She has a cage and some budgie toys to stimulate her mind. And budgie food, a few bowls and after work I am going to find some plants for her, so she will feel outdoors although she's indoors.
I have to learn how to handle her.
Her breeder thinks she is so young that she will get used to handling and will learn to talk and sing. I'm in love!

She sat with a blanket over her on my lap while I watched a DVD last night and was on my shoulder while I did a bit of housework. Hemingway, my cat, has been staring at her. He hasn't come near her yet but her cage is high enough out of his way. He has become an outdoor cat so I think he'll just come in and out whenever and has a lot of outdoor things to keep him interested - hopefully he will try not to kill her.
It's nice to have a girl pet and I can't wait to teach her how to talk.

So that's my long weekend! I am back at work and then will go home, play some Wii Fit, spend time with both of my pets and start all over again tomorrow!

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