Wednesday, May 28


Everything has become about balance!

Yes I have been working long days so it means early starts, a bit of commute and early to bed BUT

I fit in exercise now through Wii Fit and I talk to my friends and plan to see them more.
It is my dad's birthday soon
I am getting furniture delivered on the weekend
And I am even balancing my priorities at work.
I start with admin and important requests and emails and then move on to writing, research and finding marketing strategies.

When I get home from work, I try to leave work behind. I bath, or do a bit of jogging or boxing or exercises on Wii fit, I call my friends, watch TV or a DVD, have dinner, speak to or hug Hemingway and go to bed early.
I even am fitting in house work and grocery shopping and a bit of flat cleaning.

On the mornings when I am not late I catch a bus into the CBD and have a bit of a walk, I take a bit of a lunch break to rest and walk and come up with new ideas and I access the news.

I am trying to get in balance, to get fit, to work AND to have a life and I think that it is a matter of leaving work behind, of planning to see friends and family over weekend and to get fit ... this will take a few months of course.

And the result of all this? I have a cold!

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