Tuesday, May 20

Remembering dribs and drabs

The weeks are flying by so quickly and after unpacking and throwing away some stuff I carted with me and driving back to my old place to get the last of my stuff and my plants - I have finally moved and unpacked.
Hemingway has become an outdoor cat apart from when he sleeps on my bed during the day.
He also comes home at 5am and cries in the sink.
It's his new thing, I am just accepting that the flat and huge outside area not to mention other cats and a reserve are all new to him and hopefully he'll settle down.

I am trying to remember what I have done since my last blog post so here goes in bullet form

- eaten kilos of chocolate licorice bullets
- spent a fortune on flat stuff like bowels, wine glasses, towels, sprays, pretty things, vase and still looking for other funky things although I plan to keep it uncluttered and colourful.
- lots of shopping
- lots of spending

- bought a Wii and Wii fit and started on Sunday night - I love the tennis and can't wait to play on it more
- listened to my cat growling at a cat - Hemingway has never been THAT close to another cat and the sounds that they were making were terrifying
- cooked dinner for my family
- worked really hard
- learnt how to pay more attention at work - a dire need I am thinking
- have done a lot of marketing for my new work
- and blogging
- and twittering
- and thinking
- so come home tired most nights
- have read about 5 books - one which was absolutely brilliant. It's called To Hell in High Heels
and it is such a good book. I have eye cream, sunscreen, I drink more water and I have the Wii fit - all my naturals ways to look healthy.
am not sure if the licorice bullets and laziness ruin that. I have clear skin, I feel great and I am tired!

- I had lunch with some friends
- met a friend I haven't seen in a while for coffee
- even spent time with my family

It has been hectic. Moving can be incredibly stressful, but let me tell you, unpacking, throwing things out, buying new things for a place and settling in is the most wonderful feeling.
I also have been saving, watching over Hemingway and working out what I need for my body and health. I baby sat for the first time in months and watched Greys which made me cry as usual!
These hours are long and most nights I am home after 7pm but I am feeling very fulfilled!

Even though my memory seems to be fading!

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