Monday, May 12

Monday ...

Do you love or hate Mondays? I hate them when I am late, the bus comes late, the train comes late and the day starts off all off centre.
But when I'm early and manage to catch the bus right outside my place, the day is just great. I've had a bit of a walk, ate fig & walnut toast with ricotta and honey, got into work earlier and this Monday is just going really smoothly!
I have a lot on so this is going to be a short blog.
I'm marketing the site using reputable free websites and directories, I'm working on the newsletter and coming up with all sorts of ideas. It's a really fun job which keeps me thinking but also challenges me to come up with fresh unique ideas - I think it is working.

So this is a good Monday. It is sunny, I am satiated and have had a few ideas already.
I am also reading a brilliant book and finished a girly one yesterday - so my brain is full.

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