Thursday, May 8

going a different path

Since I last posted, I have moved homes!
I am no longer a Bondi girl but I do have my own courtyard and a very large kitchen which means I have to cook more. It is far too beautiful to waste or order takeaways. So this Friday night I'm hosting my family for dinner and I am keeping it really simple. I have to unpack a few boxes tonight, and buy some glasses, bowls and other table stuff to host the dinner. I also want to cook, not just learn to cook but buy ingredients and experiment. I love living in a place which feels like a hotel to me and I want to make use of the spaces. I need to fill it up with colour!
So on my day off I am going to go host shopping for glasses, place mats, bowls and other host and make your place look good sort of things and go grocery shopping for a really simple dinner.
I am really loving my work - I love the marketing and researching side of it. I am learning to Twitter , am experimenting with marketing the centre on Facebook
I am learning to tag, to feed, to notify, to stumble upon and to look at what is out there and what other people are offering. I am looking at what will interest writers and bloggers and business people and am really enjoying the hard working employee path I have taken.
Now I have marketing to do and am going to learn about microblogging.

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