Wednesday, April 23


I'm moving in a week and a bit, my sis is moving this weekend, my other sis just had a baby girl. We're all busy packing, working, sleeping, freezing spaghetti to eat after work when I'm too tired to think, researching information, reading, blogging and learning.
It has been busy and full on and my flat has about 1000 books to give away lying on the entrance floor and about 7 boxes mostly filled with books. I had no idea what a stressful time this is. I have to change addresses, re register Hemingway's microchip details, change the post, change my license, book movers, a million other things and the worst? pack. Okay it's been fun finding old photos, weird to do notes, things from 2002 but I am a bit over it and still have 3 rooms to go.
We do have another girl in the family and my sis will be settling in soon. I'm working and loving all of it and it's back to finding ideas and doing office stuff.
After work I'll have to step over a few thousand books and watch Underbelly - Have you seen it? Brilliant stuff!

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