Monday, March 10

cats, bugs, a book on classic music while searching for work...

How do you keep busy when you don't have a job? I think that my life and probably the majority of people around me consists of work. It defines us, centres us, gives us a sense of's a 40 hour week thing and that's why I am sure people are determined to do something they love.
So when you or should I say I don't have a job...I need to find a different focus. I watch the news, read papers, go for walks, apply for jobs in different ways, go to interviews, make calls and am placing online ads in the next few days.
I get to spend time in the sun and a lot of time with my cat Hemingway...I'm trying not to spend too much either, I'm, paying bills and trying to just spend money on temping or interviews or job related's a full time job!
I watched Border Security and some poor guy who accidentally bought in drugs and I am reading Seb Hunter's Rock Me Amadeus - his true story of discovering and deciphering classical music.
But I'm getting a little tired of this; I want to feel like I have somewhere to go everyday and keep increasing my skills and have money coming in so I can shop, lunch with friends and you know do the whole I have a focus sort of thing. In the mean time though i am thinking of ways to more proactive about not having a job and have started contacting companies I like the sound of...

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