Wednesday, February 27

to Bondi, to Bondi

apply for jobs, speak to people (a bit of networking) have a bit of a walk and some coffee and then home... to write up some cover letters, speak to agencies and YES! apply for jobs once more.
The sun is finally out after a huge storm with tiny drops of hail last night and there are a few writing positions, a communications assistant position and several other great marketing creative roles which would get me thinking and working again...
I needed yesterday to just sit tight, plan my next step, have a bit of breathing space before walking and coffee drinking and writing cover letters again today!
And Bondi is always full of happy healthy surfers, backpackers and shift workers?! It's a great environment to be in and I love it.
So after looking at a couple of M.I.L.K. books and sourcing job websites for inspiration, I'm being positiove about being creative and finding a role that combines my love of research and communications with the office's hoping

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