Thursday, March 13

the 13th!

13 has always been my lucky number and today was as good a day as could possibly get.
I had an interview in the morning with an exciting creative company in a great area, got my hair layered and cut with a massage, manicure and pedicure, then searched and applied for work and met a great person and got out of the city & Bondi and just felt very uplifted and inspired today!
I spent all day in the city, applied for another 6 or so jobs and caught the train into North Sydney and checked out some cafes and the harbour.
It may be the fumes from the nail polish because it was lovely to figure out what I am all about.
I want a creative job in a creative industry while providing office and admin support. I want to write news letters, speak to people, update blogs and learn more about marketing and communications and develop skills.... but for now I will keep going, keep seeking inspiration and hope that soon I will find a job.

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