Friday, March 28

I am an ideas coordinator

I've been given the chance to prove myself creatively! Yep for the next two weeks and hopefully for a long time more I get to work three or four days a week on ideas. Yep I'm doing admin and office work but I get to do marketing, am tagging and meta tagging the business, am updating and writing daily blogs and revamping the newsletter. It has been an amazing three days. Really, I get up, cross the water on a train and sit under the harbour bridge with a sandwich and coffee before going to work. And I love the work, all of it.
I was very very very lucky to have randomly sent emails asking if there were any work opportunities and getting a response. After a meeting or two; i am quite comfortably sitting at this desk, with my own email address, generating ideas and using my mind. I am feeling extremely happy and lucky and it makes it all easier. i am moving in a month and have a lot of packing to do. I can pay my bills next week, sort out my flat, hopefully sell all the books I am not taking with and am going to plan a dinner to thank my friends who have supported little whinging low budgeting me.
So can one person make a difference? Absolutely - someone took a chance on me.
And Sydney is involved with Earth Hour this Saturday at 8pm getinvolved

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