Tuesday, February 26

new day...

jobs? jobs? jobs? casual jobs? temp jobs? One or two days a week jobs? Night jobs? Rubbish jobs?
That's what I am looking for because I need to tide myself over while looking for permanent work so at least I am doing and earning SOMETHING...my savings are dwindling.
I love waking up, reading, bathing, walking to Bondi, using my mind, applying myself to my diploma and looking for work, applying for jobs - but don't like forking out money for buses, or trains, interviews or lunches or any extra without any in comings.
No it's not tough, I am not a street child; I have a roof over my head, spare coins, food in the fridge, but am running out of money and it becomes psychological. I feel a bit lethargic, a bit negative today but as soon as I get out there, apply for work, look at shops, get creative with my cover letters...I'll be back on it...and ready to send in a few assignments.

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