Monday, February 4

life is good...

February has always been my favourite month. I
t's my birthday month, the leap year, the weather is Springy and balmy and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I'll get a job before my birthday next week.

Until then I'm reading some excellent books. One is called 9 minutes 20 seconds which is a very detailed book about a plane which crashes into someone's hayfield and traces the part back.
While doing so it goes into details of each person's life and is brilliant.
It has such incredible detail and is so well researched.

I have also been to recruitment agencies, applied for temp work, went to a fantasic job interview on Friday which I am seriously hoping I'll get.

I'm trying to keep a balance so I am still walking,meeting friends for dinner and trying to ot make job hunting the be and all of my existance. I'm still reading books, watching movies, doing things I haven't done in a while and loving my February!

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