Wednesday, January 30

coming up to February...

January is a month of new things right? The resolutions start, the year begins with promises and new things right?
Well my year began with a promise to swim more - didn't happen,
walk more - pretty much everyday,
find a job - ermmm try over 100 applications a week plus breakfast temping a couple of days a week and spending a lot of time on the net....
So it's nearly February and despite applying for work all of January I've actually really enjoyed this month.
Firstly the temping is good - I'm thrown for all prospective possible interested employers, in temping I'm in the workplace, on the phone, entering data, answering calls, within a half hour of getting to the that's a good sign, a good start for me. I actually like the temping challenge, just getting thrown in like that.
i have loved the walking and getting sun and people watching that comes on the days I'm in the Internet cafe. I've enjoyed the applications and the cover letters, not so much the I'm sorry emails and letters that come after.
January has been a BIG goodbye to friends coming and going, to a quick and intense visit from my sister, to some of my savings and hopefully soon a BIG hello to a job that i would love be it a PR, publicity, marketing, communications or publishing assistant!
I mean come on I have the admin and office skills, I love the designing the networking, the learning that comes with this kind of creative challenging job...Yes i know it's a tight industry and yes people are slllloowwwwllyyy getting back into work....
so coming up to February I've learnt this, I love the walking, the refusing to be just an office admin/manager if there isn't a bit of a creative something in it for me.
I'm healthier I've been exercising, seeing friends, eating healthier, vegging out, temping and just trying to be patient until the job i want comes along....

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