Monday, February 18

32 has been good so far...

To all of you who actually read or look at my blog or are not on facebook or don't know who on earth I am...I got a job and I am starting this Thursday!
Yay me...not sure if it is the position I want to be in, but it is the industry which I love and want to learn I have a lot to learn even if it means doing a lot of admin ( grrr) and very little creative stuff.
For that I'll have to work on my diploma which has sadly taken a back seat and I have two months left of it.
I'm 32 now, employed and have a lot of changes to make. I have huge flat stuff to sort out like new furniture, a big plumbing job and a bit of a big clean out.
I have work clothes and shoes to buy and then the same things that I have been blathering on this blog for months & months...finding balance.
It's not easy yet it is easy. I just need to give more time to some things and less to others and work out exactly what they are.
There is a lot of give, a lot of feeling a bit pulled but I figure everything flows and works out...even if it is not planned!
I mean look at this; in the last two months, I have made 3 new friends, temped and found work in an industry I love.
I have been lazy and now have a huge plumbing problem, still have savings left and have kept trying to maintain a sense of balance between my friends, family and my own needs.
Some days I am really good at it and some days I wish I could close my eyes and completely deny because I wasted money or I was selfish or tired....
My biggest thing is this blog has been finding the art of balance because I truly believe that with it; I will have more focus, shiny hair, perfect white teeth and incredible focus. I picture reading a book, cooking a gourmet meal, spending time with all the people I need to, working, getting my 40 mins exercise and getting a good night and then I chastise myself for not! Some days I have no idea what on earth I did but looking back - I feel good about everything.
Even the selfish bits which I am learning that everyone has to and needs to be. I am certainly not going to turn into the most perfect focused women but I still am going to carry on learning and growing and carrying on and messing up big time and hoping that now I am 32 and the flat will stop leaking and I have a job...things will even out once more.

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