Friday, January 11

terrible, wonderful, incredible, hideous, an end and a beginning...

That sums up the first week of my year!

It's been an interesting last month or so since I have blogged on here.

I left the toy shop - stupidly I must admit because I found myself unemployed over the Christmas/New Year huge spending spree with all this money going out and none coming in - oops

I spent Christmas with a very busy, happy family and was amazed at the amount of pressies exchanged and how comfortable and at ease everyone was around each other. Everyone was incredibly generous and it was really good, a really good day...

Then I spent money on birthday pressies, new year food, time with my sister, pressies seemed to be a big one this year and really really need to find a job as soon as!

I'm breakfast temping at the moment...which means getting into the city early, signing in and hoping that someone needs a temp for the day!
Today is my first temp job, I'm sitting in reception, thanking the stars, phoning couriers, signing in visitors and looking forward to my paycheck.

I've applied for what feels like hundreds of positions lately, I've registered at agencies and am hoping that I'll have either temp or permanent work by next Friday! It's a bit tedious, going to the agencies, going to Internet cafes, getting up to wait at the agency for potential temp work and this last week has both been a HUGE end and beginning for me.

Last year I was the owner and manager of a second hand bookshop and while it was a 6 day week, it was fairly easy, sedentary, somewhat stressful and while I loved the research, the publicity, the PR; I hated the lack of customers and profit and felt that I was not achieving any results - it has been very difficult to prepare myself for a position as I am not sure where I go from here.

On a more personal level I made a lot of mistakes last year, with friends & family and want to give myself a chance this year to reflect on my mistakes and make possible changes.
I have goals to finish my assignments and to make the most of everything within reason. It has been a very long, busy, hard yet enlightening week...

amazingly though I have made new friends, seen my sis, had a few incredible dinners and lunches and am going to catch up with friends I haven't seen for a while this weekend.

I think I need to let go of what was a week ago, but I'll need time to adjust to this new temping oh! and cleaner me; I've started spring cleaning, clearing stuff in my flat that I have been meaning to do for ages, giving stuff away to I better go

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