Monday, December 17

time actually flies!

It's been over a month since I left my bookshop so what have I been doing? I haven't been on the net or facebook...because I've been carrying boxes around a shop all day, helping customers and working in a busy, crazy, full shop with customers and gift wrapping and not a single moment's rest!
and? I hated it! Not the busyness and the children, the incredible toys...I really didn't like the carrying boxes and unpacking stock and talents lie in customer service and chatting to customers and putting presents together! And I discovered I am really good at tying ribbons!
So after a month and a bit I left that job and I am now looking for a full time career in media, publishing something where I can use my communications and ribbons skills!
I've been reading, eating out, going to new areas and catching up with friends too and it's true...time has flown since my last entry. I've helped friends Christmas shop, taken friends to the airport, wrapped pressies, read about 10 books, applied for about 20 jobs, vegged out, been to Cronulla and the mountains and a great ladies bath in Coogee.
I'm smiling and a bit brown and feeling the summer and loving this whole applying for jobs thing....

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