Saturday, October 13

Thanks Cousin Dee!

who read one of my posts and sent me this quote...
without change; there would be no butterflies

It has been and will always be one of the most incredible year I have ever had!
I have been a manager, an owner, a decision maker and I have learnt about what is worth holding onto, what you HAVE to let go and just had a full year of everything really!
As far as this shop & business is concerned I made hundreds of mistakes but was rewarded with local trade, friendships, lessons, awareness, business skills and even improved my customer service!
Over the two years my avid love of books became my trade and to repeat Bob Marley, Love the life you live; live the life you love. I have loved books since I was a tot and doing something, working with something you love, gives you pleasure and skills and knowledge...well that has been a gift, my gift.
I have facebook, Love Reading, the New York Times, Shelfari, Mooch, local book shops, Borders, I Read to thanks as well for all the books I have learnt about and even made 'friends' on those sites and started an I Read book club.
Then I have learnt and transferred so much to my personal life this year. Everything took & has taken a huge head turn. I have learnt about health, family, love, friendships, letting go & holding on while reading mountains of chick lit and autobiographies.
Now... this is all ending...

and Dee there are butterflies!

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