Tuesday, October 16

my week...

started with friends and tennis and cousins and two pubs and the sun, tea with a friend, watching a DVD, chatting and it was just one of those perfect blissful Sundays!
I have been writing, working on an assignment, serving customers, arranging my life and I look up and it is still Tuesday!
I feel like I have achieved so much since yesterday by writing a few articles, researching the development of a child for my photo journalism article, meeting up with friends, feeding Hemmy, working in the shop, reading a chick lit, making a yummy breakfast but no this is going to be a slow week...
so after work on this incredibly hot & windy day, I am going to talk a walk around Bondi before settling down with my assignment and article ideas...soon I am going to be a paid writer, have a job which keeps me REALLY busy and have a few days off to tan and veg around.
I am really starting to look forward to all of this!

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