Tuesday, October 9

free books, photo journalism and another day!

I came to work this morning and was greeted by one of my favourite sights... a box of free books on the step of the shop. I found 3 I wanted to take home, a few to sell and I left the rest outside with a FREE! sign.
2 hours later someone came in with the pile in the box and exclaimed how his sister was after those books and she'd be so happy!
I like days like these.
For the last hours I have been looking for jobs and stated on my photo journalism assignment which needs a photo to publish and direct the article. I started writing it and then realised i have a bit of research to do on the article so plan to finish it later once I have worked out which stage of development grabbing falls into for a child. I have a fantastic picture!
Although I am up for a casual job; I want to see what work is out there and what i am capable of and worth so I am looking at a jobs site and paper and I am reading a chick lit.
Things are good; I have seen a friend I have not seen for a while and also am working out what I want and need to do in my personal and work life! I
I have had a really nice start to the week so i am feeling all sleepy but bubbly and optimistic...

Today is a good learning a new skill, assessing my own skills day and am thinking of what's ahead!

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