Saturday, October 20

a little something I wrote

and hopefully will be writing more & more articles on the net!
I have another 14 assignments to do; before I get my Advanced Freelance Journalism Diploma - I'm working on a travel feature and looking at unusual beach places!
It's nearly Sunday and my day off; been selling quite a few books today. The shop has been so busy with the for sale signs and the fill a box of books for $20.
It has been a good week; I've been busy working on assignments, on the shop and seeing/speaking to family & friends.
I love this weather and summer and the sun...people are getting out more and I have invites to BBQs and the beach this afternoon and tommorrow.
I'm reading another of Louise Werner's books - I really like her writing style and am thinking up articles on Sydney to send in.
I'm still looking to play tennis, trying to find a kick boxing class and found somewhere to start's good to stay busy.

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