Monday, October 8

6 done 16 to go

I'm talking about my Advanced Freelance Journalism assignments due by April next year! I have 16 to do but have somehow lost 8 of them so need to sort things out with the college and get them done.
I spent almost the whole of last week doing assignments and sorting out my folders because I have not done a thing in 4 years!
On Saturday I made a list of all the things I want to do and stuck it on my fridge!
Here are some of them:
Learn Spanish
Finish my Journalism course by March 2008
Have a chocolate fondue
Catch up with a friend I have not seen in a while once a month
Write my blog daily
Look for writing work
Swim at least once a week
Every second Sunday – breakfast and walk
Horse riding every 5 weeks
Spend twice a week with friends even a quick coffee or dinner
Sat nights one Sat out/one Sat veg in & watch DVDs & beauty treatments
Take coffee and a sandwich and sit in the park down the road
Have a back to back DVD Pirates of the Caribbean night
Cook twice a week; make three favourite dishes
Walk to work twice a week
Toast marshmallows with a candle
Go to the Museum
Go for a walk in the rain

Every week seems to get fuller and busier. I rearranged the flat yesterday and moved all my shelves and books into my bedroom and started clearing out the living room. It just looked messy and it didn't feel good and it feels so much lighter and better now. I tidied, re arranged and tried to make things colourful and put away all the things that generally piled up.I can't wait to get feels really good.

And the shop is still closing...I am still trying to sell it and or sell the books. I've come up with a few ideas! And now it's time to work.

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