Wednesday, August 8

opposite effects...

I'm dealing with major opposites, major changes.
Whatever comes in must go out, up vs down, mind vs body, friends vs family and all the other cliched unbalanced activities in my life.
I am selling books in bulk and having a half price sale so rush down immediately
and taking my friends advice, planning on putting out ads and going to markets on the weekends.
My mind and my body are in shambles - I've just had a full blood count and my immune system is low; I need more potassium, more calcium, more white blood cells - isn't that the best excuse to eat up?! :)
I've been puppy sitting and puppy falling in love and walking it and then voluntarily going on walks, cleaning the flat, incessant tidying, incessant phoning up friends and going on facebook and cancelling plans and just feeling really blah instead of the opposite effect! I am thinner and SHOULD be feeling more energised but am sleepy and listless instead!
Hmmm I think my low results MUST have something to do with this.
I have started the new Harry Potter and have put it down three times to read other books instead and have piked on all my friends and been in bed by 8pm most nights!

My excuse? It's still winter and I am hibernating somewhat like the bears.

I need to get my immune system up - tick
See my friends over this weekend - tick well made the plans
and er
I need to sell more books, put out the ads, speak to buyers - hmmm

But for now I feel like a rather lazy bear...

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