Wednesday, August 1

one more month to go...

and then it's spring! So I have one more month of vegging about and eating comfort food and then I have to eat salads and go for walks to get a bikini body so I can spend my time on the water and on the beach this year...I am tired of hiding behind t-shirts and board shorts and I am really enjoying my new confidence and whatever you may think of me attitude.
I have just finished reading Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes - which is an intense look at a victim and his response to years of bullying in school - he shoots 10 people in nineteen minutes and the book delves into the definition of response and the definition of victim. Peter is an outsider, a misfit and Jodi Picoult looks at how Peter as a teenager whose qualities are very misunderstood translate to very appealing in a 35 year old man, sensitive, creative, open, brash, somewhat shy, explorative, technologically sound...but the book looks at years of bullying and that Peter chose not to wait for people to notice him nor accept him...hence the shooting. Please read this; it covers many issues.
Over the past three weeks I've been walking about and pulling my stomach in in the hopes that this works - does it?! I've been reading, making friends, sourcing my interests, developing new interests, puppy sitting, organising plans with friends and family...trying to keep my life interesting but it seems like I am aiming for the normal and somewhat boring because I am a bit of a drama queen whinger and it seems like something always happens to me - hmmm!
The shop is having a half price sale so rush in and buy us out...I'm reading, putting up signs, selling, and doing all the shop things but thinking of lunch and the fact that spring is nearly here and I am going to continue on this healthy confident dynamic journey of mind and body :)

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