Wednesday, July 25

on a learning curve...

It's has been an incredible winter!
I have been on a major learning curve and it's the first winter I have really enjoyed and I am feeling well content, curious and it has been a great time for me.
I changed my dress sense and hair colour and am wearing tight clothes, funky hats and my hair has got a subtle purple in it - it looks and feels fantastic.
I made a new girl friend who is so similar to me in some ways and so quirky and unique and we have been spending a lot of time together...I'm learning a lot from her and it is so nice to have company like that.
I have been playing with my diabetes, testing more, working out how to monitor my levels, working out what's wrong and how to take insulin for it.
That has been a really tough and long trial; I was sick for a bit, my sugars are all over the place but now I'm attempting better care and am injecting for it!
Work has been a calm, quiet one lately - I just re arranged the top shelf and I had a baby reading session today but it has been quiet and I have been involved with other things.
I have not bought books as much but added a few things to the shop, so people could sit on a red fitness ball or bean bag while they read and have incresed the fiction to wile away everyone's winter blues.
I've made plans all week for work stuff family and friends - do you find that everything goes through phases and that you are sometimes fully into things and sometimes not at all?
Well lately I have been hibernating, obsessing with facebook, reading, watching DVDs and now it's time for sis, walks in the park and well reading, hibernating and watching DVDs!
I am reading Alice Pung's UnpolishedGem and cannot put it down. It's her memoir and it's a Cambodian family's experience and insight into Australian life - I've learnt so much from it already. Lately I've read about a antique book shop owner chasing down a copy of Jack London's first book, two men committing small crimes in the USA, an Indian family's experience in India and I have been reading own line news and googling all month so I am talking non stop about hybrid apes, wars in the Congo, losing weight, super foods, exercise, puppies...I'm on a major learning curve and loving this season!

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