Wednesday, July 11

wiling away...

the winter blues!
I have been reading, eating, sleeping, watching DVDs, catching up with friends but in the laziest possible way...I invite them over to my place or venture down the road to Bondi and that is it! I have been extremely lazy!
While wiling away I've added tight leggings, long boots, hats and scarves to my winter look and playing around with colours and tight outfits...lots of fun
I've read The Pilot's Wife which was brilliant and an assortment of chick lit while watching Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy and House and walked up and down my shop road to tone a little while eating cottage pie and my conclusion? I'm loving winter this year! I feel satiated, I'm surrounded by friends, I'm loving my winter look, I'm reading, meeting interesting people, expanding my brain power, catching up with old friends, improving my moods and stress, eating comfort food while still fitting into Size 8 and just working.
Work has been interesting too; over the years I have three regulars who have become friends, I have met for drinks with the shop keepers and we have a community awards evening at the end of the month and I am reading to kids, buying books, chatting to regulars, getting a morning hug and a skinny flat white from my favourite cafe and just feeling very hale!
I have just started reading 3 which seems funny and unusual and I am going to carry on enjoying the first winter season in a long time!

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