Wednesday, July 4


That's what I have been doing lately! And a lot of reading and putting book information on facebook thanks to Shelfari and all the other facebook applications which are addictive, educational, engrossing and a complete waste of my time!
The shop has just been re organised this morning, I adjusted the books, the shelves, the signs and re did the display and carted a box of books about and read to a gorgeous 2 year old I'm on Shelfari again reading other peoples' book reviews and loving it.
I've just started reading My Year Off - by the old literary editor of the Observor Robert McCrum who suffered from a stroke and wrote a book about his experiences and a book in sympathy to the people who cared for him. He wrote the book because he couldn't find one like it; he needed encouragement and support and so did his he wrote this one. I'm only a few pages in.
Now I am going to do a little more shop stuff, cleaning, rearranging some more....

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