Thursday, June 21

while its cold...

I've been reading!
And eating, meeting friends in pubs, watching DVDs, wrapping myself in layers, drinking coffee - eating far far too much and just hoping that summer comes soon!
I've bought in books for the shop and found this one and haven't been able to put it down! The way i figure is I can speak about all the information I find on here during the pub dinners I've been having or while it's so freezing outside and there is a lull in the DVD. TheBookofLists has so far taught me which famous person has been kicked out of school, really strange health problems, a list of freaks, the best sex positions, animals' mating habits and this book really is an endless font of totally useless information.
If any of you catch up with me in the next few weeks, be prepared to be bored silly by all the facts I'm learning - it's fascinating stuff!
I've been selling journals, preparing the shop for Christmas in July - think Christmas cupcakes and tinsel and I've been shopping for hats, scarves, gloves and thick socks to keep me warm.
It has been absolutely freezing and miserable lately! I plan to get thick boots this winter and a big heavy coat blanket :)
My website is down so if you are potential customers - please contact me on the email on my profile.
Christmas in July will be on the last Saturday in July - come to the shop for cupcakes and books on special!

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