Saturday, June 16


It's cold! It has been raining and wet and miserable all week and my body is screaming for hibernation! I've been eating stews and cottage pies and just contemplating stying in for the next three months! But then I thought - pub dinners, coffees and movies with friends will be just as good not to mention slightly stimulating so I've started making coffee and dinner pland this morning!
I have so much Journalism work today and while I've sorted out the paperwork - I've become very lazy, it's partly to do with the weather and mostly because I lack the motivation. I have been staying at home lately, just having a bit of me time - which means phone calls, DVDS, eating, reading, sleeping and just de stressing and it has been wonderful. It has shown me that I have a handful of close friends who are really supportive, I can relax and de stress, I have been slowly spring cleaning, re arranging my life, sorting out paperwork, paying bills...dressing up in layers and hating the cold.
Now I'm ready to poke my head out a little and catch up with friends and get out a bit...hate the plan on working on my assignments, watching DVDs, eating lots of soup, dressing in layers and just getting into winter mode.
Brrr it's cold! I'm reading a book, drinking coffee, making plans, reading to kids on the shop and wandering up & down...anything to stay warm - not to mention thin - if I'm going to be eating comfort food!

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