Thursday, May 31

things to do over the next week or so...

1. buy friend a pressie for her birthday on Sun
2. cut and colour hair
3. start completing (if that makes sense) my Advanced Freelance Journalism Diploma - yep the assignments are due in April next year and I have about 18/19 to go...arrgghhh
4. Sort out all the books I am not reading in the flat which are piled up precariously on my hall table and bedside table...
5. bring them into the shop and sell them
6. spring clean my cupboard and donate the rest of clothes and all the rubbish I have hoarded and get rid of it
7. meet friends after work for coffee/dinner
8. Um...I think this will all take weeks...possibly months knowing me

Wish me luck on my assignment; I'm bringing it home tonight to sort out & start - I get a media pass to the UK so may as well!
What else????
Aaaarrgghh - bills, pressies, friends, family & assignments - enough things to do me thinks!

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